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JAM's Mechanical Advantage is proud to have been a contributing MEP designer for the new Dover High School & CTC.

JAM offers other commercial services such as measurement services, reverse-engineering, CAD modeling and subsequent floor plans in support of your facility. 

If renovation or flipping is in your plans, JAM will help you visualize your ideas with a 3D CAD model built to your specifications.


JAM's Mechanical Advantage featured in BusinessNH magazine

​JAM has onsite 3D printing capabilities  to create prototypes of your custom components.


Established 2011

3D Printing


Featured in BusinessNH Magazine

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JAM's Mechanical Advantage, LLC

​Rochester NH



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JAM's Mechanical Advantage

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​​​​​​ JAM's Mechanical Advantage, LLC

  Rochester, NH

Mechanical Design

​​​Design is our passion at JAM's Mechanical Advantage. We thank you for your interest and welcome the opportunity to design your product.

Leveraging 30 years of machine design experience and the power of Solidworks, JAM offers a wide range of professional  design services.

  JAM is focused on exceeding your expectations with high value design services.

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Proud to be a contributing BIM designer for the new