​​​​​​ JAM's Mechanical Advantage, LLC

  Rochester, NH

Featured in BusinessNH Magazine

Enhance real estate listings with layouts and graphics.

​    Obtain accurate square footage for appraisals

​        Visualize space management planning.

            Visualize house flip concepts.



  • As-built, existing conditions floor plans
  • 3D representation for planning house flip & renovations.
  • Locations and measurements of windows, doors, fixtures, equipment and cabinets.
  • Facility evacuation maps.
  • Core shell layout and dimensions.
  • Elevation measurement interior/exterior.
  • 360-degree interior view rendering.
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Walk-thru animations

Expert plumbing systems installation by:

JAM's Mechanical Advantage featured in BusinessNH magazine
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JAM's Mechanical Advantage LLC, does not claim to be registered as a professional engineer nor architect. JAMMA does not hold any certifications in plumbing.

JAM’s Mechanical Advantage is proud to have supported KettlePizza’s relocation planning of their oven system manufacturing operations.

KettlePizza’s new home was a vacant facility and provided a clean slate for planning.

JAM reverse-engineered the facility using laser instruments and creating a 3D CAD model.

Existing shelving and manufacturing equipment were reverse engineered and added to the CAD assembly.

A drawing package was created consisting of floor plans, elevations, equipment and process layout..

3D design coordination  and drawings  - JAM's Mechanical Advantage

  • Potable and non-potable water systems
  • Waste & venting systems
  • Kitchen waste & venting systems
  • Acidic waste & venting systems
  • Storm water drain systems
  • Compressed air and gas

Commercial * Residential * Industrial

JAM's Mechanical Advantage is proud to have been a contributing MEP designer and BIM team member for the new Dover High School & Career Technical Center in Dover, NH.

​​​Coordinating spatial relations with mechanical and electrical system designer, JAM coordinated the 3D layout for all the plumbing systems installed by the expertise of our valued client, The Armand E. Lemire Company, a major sub-contractor for the DHS & CTC project.